Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today's A New Day

Today I've been looking into new ideas for my business. I'm excited and hopeful that they will turn out to be great ideas!

First idea is to include Adult sized items in my Etsy Shop. I already carry items for the home and will be expanding that line as well. I think that I will close my CrocheleCouture Etsy shop. It's just too much to keep up two shops and really be able to focus on them both as much as is required. I just haven't put any time into it and find it's worked out fine having more than just baby items in my Crochele shop.

Second I am going to be doing more wholesale orders. In searching through the Etsy Alchemy I found a request for shops that offer wholesale. I was contacted by the person that started that request and she was interested in several of my items. I'm doing research to find out how best to go about this. I've found that charging the standard 50% of the retail prices with a minimum order amount is most favored by wholesalers. I previously have carried items in a local children's boutique and they did pretty well. I didn't do wholesale pricing, I just did consignment. That seems like it works if you are local and can check out your own inventory as needed.

Off I go to do some more research! Wish Me Luck :~) Hopefully I won't need it.


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